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Syringes and Needles

For Your Information:
•   The smaller the gauge of the needle, the larger the diameter.
•   All the needles are universal and will fit onto any of the syringes designed for needles with the exception of the pen needles which are used for the pens that have to be injected.
•   Syringe Tip Description:
     RL = Regular Luer. Regular Luer. The syringe has a tapered tip so the needle can be pulled off. This syringe can also be used as an oral feeding syringe.
     LL = Luer Lock. The syringe tip has threads that the needle screws onto. The Luer Lock feature ensures that the needle will not come off when giving an injection. This is the syringe of choice for thick medications like Penicillin, or when giving a large volume of medication.

All syringes and needles are non returnable, please verify size prior to ordering.
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Wide variety of high quality syringes and needles indicated for application at home and in veterinary facilities and laboratories: Catheter Tip Syringes, Curved Tip Syringes, Feeding/Oral Medication Syringes, Insulin Syringes, Syringe and Needle Combinations-Monoject, Syringes without Needles, Syringe and Needle Combinations-Terumo.
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