Pet-A-Zyme Total Health With Proteolytic Enzymes, 16 oz Powder

Pet-A-Zyme Total Health With Proteolytic Enzymes, 16 oz Powder



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Wellness & Maintenance For Dogs

Thomas Labs Pet-A-Zyme Total Health W/ Proteolytic Enzymes is a beneficial, total health multi-supplement for the overall wellness and longevity of dogs. Pet-A-Zyme Total Health is formulated to benefit all aspects of total health, including proper digestion, skin and coat, circulation, energy and recovery. A unique blend of enzymes, probiotics, beneficial ocean plants, and D/Earth make Pet-A-Zyme Total Health the foundation for a healthy and happy companion or performance animal.

A true multi-supplement containing the highest potency of important natural nutrients needed in the animal's diet.

•  Allergies: Enzymes, Lactobacillus
•  Diarrhea: Enzymes, D/Earth, Lactobacillus
•  Digestion Health: C-Kelp, Enzymes, Lactobacillus
•  Eye Tear Stains: DL Methionine, Enzymes
•  Immunity: Enzymes: Lactobacillus
•  Intestional Bacterial Overgrowth: Lactobacillus, B-12, Enzymes
•  Joint Health: MSM, Yucca Extract, Enzymes
•  Odor: Yucca Extract, Enzymes
•  Parasite Protection: D/Earth, Sulfur
•  Recovery Heath: MSM, Enzymes
•  Skin & Coat Health: C-Kelp, D/Earth, Enzymes
•  Stool Eating: Enzymes, C-Kelp, Lactobacillus

Dogs . . . 1 teaspoon per 50 lbs daily as needed depending on health condition

Ascophyllum Nodosum (source of carotene, ascorbic acid, biotin, folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, iodine, iron, calcium, Vitamin(s) A, B-1, B-2, B-12, C, D, E), Flax Seed Powder, MSM Powder, Zinc sulfate, sulfur granules, potassium chloride, yucca extract, diatomaceous earth (promotes regularity and scrubs the digestive tract), Acidophilus Powder.

Active per teaspoon
Protease . . . 50,000 HUT units
Papain . . . 900,000 USP units
Bromelain . . . 576,000 P units

Code: 19169
Product: Pet-A-Zyme Total Health With Proteolytic Enzymes, 16 oz Powder
Price: $17.99


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