ParaDefense For Small Dogs 3-10 lbs, 4 Pack

ParaDefense For Small Dogs 3-10 lbs, 4 Pack



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Para/Defense For Dogs

Para/Defense For Dogs is a once-a-month topical flea prevention and treatment for dogs 7 weeks and older. ParaDefense is comparable to Advantage II, having the same ingredients and activity against fleas.

For the Prevention and Treatment of Flea Infestations on Dogs

•  Kills all flea life stages
•  Controls existing flea infestations on your dog and prevents further infestations
•  Kills fleas within 12 hours of application
•  Convenient, easy to apply topical solution
•  Fragrance-free
•  Waterproof

The successive feeding activity of fleas on dogs frequently may elicit a hypersensitivity skin disorder known as flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) or flea bite hypersensitivity. Treatment of cats with ParaDefense rapidly kills fleas and reduces the incidence of this condition.

ParaDefense kills the existing fleas on dogs within 12 hours. Reinfesting fleas are killed within 2 hours with protection against further flea infestation lasting for four (4) weeks. Pre-existing pupae in the environment may continue to emerge for six (6) weeks or longer depending upon the climatic conditions.

Fleas, eggs and larvae in the dog's surroundings are killed following contact with an ParaDefense treated dog. ParaDefense provides multi-stage flea control effectively breaking all flea life-cycle stages for quick and lasting control of flea populations.

ParaDefense kills adult fleas quickly within 12 hours, inhibits the development of immature flea life stages and prevents them from reaching the biting adult stage.

ParaDefense is waterproof and remains effective following a shampoo treatment or after exposure to rain or sunlight.

Apply monthly treatments for optimal control and prevention of fleas.

Directions for Use:

•  Use only on dogs and kittens. Do not use on other animals.
•  Remove one applicator tube from package.
•  Hold applicator tube in an upright position facing away from you and your pet's face and eyes. Pull cap off tube.
•  Turn the cap around and place other end of the cap back on the tube.
•  Twist cap to break the seal, then remove cap from tube.
•  Part the hair on the neck at the base of the skull until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze the tube to expel the entire contents of the tube directly on the skin. Do not get this product in your dog's eyes or mouth. The product is bitter tasting and salivation may occur for a short time if the dog licks the product immediately after treatment. Treatment at the base of the skull will minimize the opportunity for the dog to lick the product.
•  Discard empty tube as described in Storage and Disposal.

Under normal conditions the product is effective for a month. However, in cases of severe flea infestation, retreatment may be necessary earlier than four weeks. Do not retreat more often than once every fourteen (14) days for puppies or once every seven (7) days for small and large dogs. After flea control is attained, return to a monthly retreatment schedule.

CAUTION: Do not use on cats. Keep cats away from treated dogs for 24 hours. If applied to a cat or ingested by a cat, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Active Ingredients:
Imidacloprid 9.10%
Pyriproxyfen 0.46%
Pyriproxyfen (IGR)

Available Sizes:
For Small Cats 5-9 lbs
For Large Cats Over 9 lbs
For Small Dogs 3-10 lbs
For Medium Dogs 11-20 lbs
For Large Dogs 21-55 lbs
For Extra-Large Dogs Over 55 lbs

Packaged 4 tubes per box.

Code: 19121
Product: ParaDefense For Small Dogs 3-10 lbs, 4 Pack
Price: $22.99


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