Sentry Stop That! Noise & Pheromone Spray, 1 oz

Sentry Stop That! Noise & Pheromone Spray, 1 oz



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Stops Unwanted Behaviors In Dogs
Sentry Stop That Noise and Pheromone Spray is a patented device combining sound with a specific Interomone (Androstenone) which has been shown to immediately stop unwanted behavior in dogs. Easy to use and safe for all dogs of all ages. Sentry Stop That! works in 97% of pets.

Interomone is a chemical produced and released by one species that has an effect on another species' behavior. Androstenone is a pheromone used by the domestic pig in courtship and social behaviors. Androstenone is a interomone that changes a dog's behavior.

Stop That! emits a noise along with the Interomone. The noise is a hissing sound similar that the sound trainers make when correcting a pet. Stop That! works immediately. Once sprayed, the sound and the Interomone released in the direction of your pet will stop unwanted behavior.

•  Immediate results
•  Can be used long term without side effects
•  Environmentally friendly - no propellants expelled when sprayed
•  Three-year shelf life

Stop That! has multiple uses for veterinarians, dog owners, trainers, groomers and behaviorists

•  Control unwanted aggression or excitement
•  For eliminating undesirable behavior
•  Control pulling on leash during walks
•  Corrections during dog training
•  As an aid in calming pets during grooming
•  Stops bad behavior - jumping up on furniture, barking, stealing food off table, chewing

Stop That unwanted behavior in your pet by spraying in their direction approximately 12-18 inches away in short burst. The can must be held in upright position.

Packaging: 1 oz Spray Device (combines sound and spray at same time). Lavender chamomile fragrance.

Code: 18401
Product: Sentry Stop That! Noise & Pheromone Spray, 1 oz
Price: $16.99

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Since I found this product, my over active, barking pup is kept in check with Sentry Stop That pheromone spray. I don`t know what I would do without this product. It is safe and it stops poor behavior immediately with one spray. Not to mention that it is inexpensive and has a pleasant scent. I recommend this product to anyone with a dog that barks excessively or is overly active.

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