Neutricks For Senior Dogs, 60 Soft Chews

Neutricks For Senior Dogs, 60 Soft Chews


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Neutricks For Senior Dogs
Supports Brain Function

Neutricks is a new, evidence-based, scientifically proven calcium binding protein (CaBP) that aids in the treatment of Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) in dogs. As dogs age they lose calcium proteins that protect their brain cells. This protein loss affects their ability to learn, retain memories, drink and concentrate.

Neutricks (Apoqequorin) replaces these proteins and helps protect cells during this natural process of aging.

Signs of Cognitive Dysfunction in Dogs:
•   Aimless wandering or pacing
•   Not responding to name
•   Staring into space
•   Becoming easily lost in familiar places
•   Failing to recognize or interact with familiar people
•   House soiling
•   Sleeping less during nighttime hours
•   Ignoring known commands
•   Forgetting to eat or drink

The active ingredient, Apoaequorin, has been proven to protect brain cells by 50% during and after episodes of poor brain circulation. Neutricks has proved effective in clinical trials and in independent laboratory research studies using senior dogs in which it was shown to significantly improve learning and accuracy as well as to enhance attention.

•   Healthy Brain
•   Mental Agility
•   Cognitive Focus

Neutricks Apoqequorin is a 100% natural substance from the jellyfish Aequoria Victoria. There are no known adverse reactions and studies have shown it to be non-toxic.

Dogs under 40 lbs - 1 tablet daily
Dogs 41-80 lbs - 2 tablets daily
Dogs over 80 lbs - 3 tablets daily

Active Ingredients: Apoaequorin 5mg per 1 tablet serving size.

Code: 18186
Product: Neutricks For Senior Dogs, 60 Soft Chews
Price: $39.99

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