Aventix KP Powder Kidney Support For Cats, 50 gm

Aventix KP Powder Kidney Support For Cats, 50 gm


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For All Stages Of Kidney Disease

Aventi KP Powder is specifically recommended to support renal function, both in the early and late stages of chronic renal failure in cats. Cats given Aventi KP can control metabolic imbalances resulting from chronic renal dysfunction. In the more advanced stages of renal disease, cats can be given both Aventi KP Powder and Aventi KS Powder in combination. Formerly known as Renal Powder Kidney Support For Cats

Helps reduce azotemia: The synergistic combination of pre- and probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus & Enterococcus faecium + FOS + Lespedeza capitata) acts as a "nitrogen trap" at the intestinal level.

Reduces Oxidative Stress: Citrus bioflavonoids (containing hesperidine) + Vitamin C + Lespedeza capitata (standardized dry extract containing rutin) protect renal cellular integrity through their potent antioxidant activity and inhibit lipoperoxidation of the cell membranes.

Counteracts Anemia: Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Pyridoxine and Vitamin C stimulate erythropoiesis and compensate for increased urinary loss of B vitamins and Vitamin C. Vitamin C improves intestinal absorption of iron.

Aventi KP reduces elevated blood phosphate levels (phosphatemia). Calcium carbonate and chitosan act as binders to reduce intestinal absorption of phosphorus.

Aventi KP restores acid-base equilibrium with potassium citrate acting as a metabolic acidosis buffer. It also helps prevent low blood potassium levels (hypokalemia) with the addition of potassium citrate, a safe source of potassium.

Together, Aventi KP and Aventi KS can help support cats throughout the advancing stages of kidney disease by preventing hypokalemia, replenishing the loss of B Vitamins, controlling metabolic acidosis and helping to reduce azotemia.

Aventi KP

•  Reduces Phosphatemia
•  Restores Acid-Base Equilibrium
•  Helps Prevent Hypokalemia

Aventi KS

•  Helps Reduce Azotemia
•  Reduces Oxidative Stress
•  Counteracts Anemia

Dosage and use:
Easy-to-use, palatable powder is sprinkled onto the pet's food.

Weight in Kg Measures per Day
Up to 2.5 Kg .................... 1
2.5-5 Kg .................... 2
Over 5 Kg .................... 3

It is possible to split the daily dosage in 2-3 administrations, according to the number of meals.

Administer Renal Cats for 30 days, or for longer periods depending of your veterinarian's instructions.

It is preferable to mix the product with moist feed. In case of a diet based only on dry food, slightly moisten the food to ensure good adhesion of the powder and its complete intake.

Can be used either alone or in combination with the usual therapies for chronic renal failure and with specific diets for renal dysfunction, on the basis of your veterinarian's instructions.

Maltodextrin, calcium carbonate, potassium citrate, kitosan

Code: 18031
Product: Aventix KP Powder Kidney Support For Cats, 50 gm
Price: $17.99


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