EasyTouch Insulin Syringe U-100 1 cc 30G X 1/2", 100/Box

EasyTouch Insulin Syringe U-100 1 cc 30G X 1/2", 100/Box



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EasyTouch U-100 Insulin Syringes

EasyTouch Insulin Syringes are designed and manufactured to the highest quality levels possible for a production single-use syringe. High use consumers are quick to recognize this high level of quality on a personal level as they experience a more comfortable injection. The quality level found in our insulin syringes can also be found throughout the EasyTouch line of diabetic products.

The EasyTouch Insulin Syringe has lubricant film coating for maximum comfort and lines up precisely for accurate readings. Their is no "dead space" allowing for accurate dosing and less waste. Transparent barrel gives excellent view of syringe contents. Easy to read graduated numbers minimize dosage errors. 100% latex free. Securely attached needle eliminates needle pop off.

•   Triple bevel cut sharpness
•   Special surgical grade stainless steel needle
•   Thin wall technology
•   No dead space for accurate dosing
•   Single unit markings for more precise measurements

Size & Dosage Information
EasyTouch syringes come in various body and needle sizes to fit every diabeticís needs and dosages. Body size relates to the capacity of the syringe and needle size relates to the gauge of the needle.
EasyTouch syringes come in three body sizes: 1cc, 0.5cc (1/2cc), and 0.3cc (1/3cc). This pertains to the overall capacity of the syringe. The gradation markings for U-100 insulin of each size are:

Size / Maximum Dosage / Scale Increments
•   1cc /100 units / 2 unit increments
•   5cc / 50 units / 1 unit increments
•   3cc / 30 units / 1 unit increments

Generally speaking you should size your syringe based on your maximum injection dosage. For example, if you are taking 20 units per shot, you could use either a 0.5cc (50 unit) syringe or a 0.3cc (30 unit) syringe. If you are taking 60 units, use a 1cc (100 unit) syringe. Since the markings are wider apart, generally the smaller the syringe size the easier it is to read.

For example, a 35 unit dosage is easier to read on a 5/10cc/50 unit syringe than on a 1cc/100 unit syringe. It is easier to read a 15 unit dosage on a 3/10cc/30 unit syringe than on a 5/10cc/50 unit syringe.

Code: 17985
Product: EasyTouch Insulin Syringe U-100 1 cc 30G X 1/2", 100/Box
Price: $13.99


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I bought these for fishing. I`ll buy more when I need them. Good price even including shipping costs.

I only ordered a single box of these alongside the more expensive UltiCare brand to see if they might be worth ordering in the future when money was tight. It wasn`t until just now, when I got back on the website, that I realized that these had been the less expensive ones all along! This is my permanent brand from now on. Sure the needles aren`t always quite straight, and they don`t have quite the comfort of a brand like BD, but petstruly.com doesn`t sell BD d*mmit! Besides, $9.99 for 100? My pet can deal with a needle slightly off-centered when I can get 2 1/2 boxes of these for the price of one BD! God bless Easy*Touch, and most importantly GOD BLESS PetsTruly.com!!! These syringes & this site have found a permanent customer here!
Tom phamer

Fast delivery!

The only Good thing about this product is that there Are so many.1 out of 12 actually work the Wu they we`re intended .

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