Urine-Away Pet Urine Eliminator, 16 oz. Soaker

Urine-Away Pet Urine Eliminator, 16 oz. Soaker



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Urine-Away delivers permanent resolution of pet urine odor and stains. It works at the molecular level to eliminate the problem for good. Proprietary triple-action formula keeps odors from coming back. With Urine-Away, there’s no need for urine pre-treatment products, masking agents, slow-acting enzyme deodorants or other methods. Just apply and let dry. Safe, non-toxic, non-irritating and biodegradable.

•   Permanent resolution from pet urine odor and stains
•   Fast, easy and effective
•   Works at the molecular level
•   Eliminates the problem for good
•   Safe, non-toxic, non-irritating
•   Biodegradable

All urine odors are caused by molecules that emit a vapor. Many products attempt to "control" odors, but none of them eliminate the odors like Urine-Away.

•   Bonds and captures malodorous molecules within seconds of application to neutralize them permanently.
•   Absorbs malodorous substances into its molecular structure to permanetly eliminate the odor.
•   Counteracts odors at the molecular level. Utilizes the natural ability of certain pairs of molecules to neutralize each other.
•   Prevents calodors caused by further biological breakdown and molecular reactivation.

Effectively eliminates the odor regardless of what has been used before.

Works even after detergents or disinfectants have been used.

Proprietary triple-action formula keeps odors from coming back.


Remove excess urine. apply to affected area; let dry. Use liberal amount to ensure contact with all odor molecules. Amount of Urine-Away should equal amount of pet urine. Spot test before using.

Note: Urine can spread in sub-flooring and carpet padding and wick up vertical surfaces.

For pets with urine marking or urination problems:
Provides fast, permanent relief from urine odor and stains found on walls, furniture, litter boxes, etc. which can be visual triggers for cats to spray.

Eliminate the odor then eliminate the behavior:
After using Urine-Away for feline vertical spraying, use a , a synthetic feline facial pheromone, to help control feline urine marking typically caused by stress or change in environment. Allow Urine-Away to dry 10 minutes before applying

Code: 17070
Product: Urine-Away Pet Urine Eliminator, 16 oz. Soaker
Price: $15.99


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Finally something take helps take away the cat pee smell. I have tried many things to kill the smell, found this and I am glad I found it.

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