Dog Odor-Off Carpet Deodorizer, 16 oz. Soaker

Dog Odor-Off Carpet Deodorizer, 16 oz. Soaker



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Product Description
Ready-to-use soaker. Eliminates animal odors in carpets, upholstery and other porous surfaces from urine, tomcat spray, feces, emesis and more.

Eliminates animal odors in carpets, upholstery and other porous surfaces from urine, feces, emesis and more.

Works where other products haven’t and won’t.

Contains no enzymes so may be used without loss of efficacy with or after detergents (carpet shampoo) and germicides.

Soaker, penetrates to the source of the odor. Sprays and powders only treat surface problems.

Removes many Stains.

How to Use:
Odor, deeply imbedded.
In carpeting, upholstery, concrete and other porous materials, use DOG ODOR-OFF directly from the bottle. Pull up on the applicator cap, point the bottle at the problem area and squeeze. Thoroughly soak the area, let dry. Dog Odor-Off must penetrate as deeply as the problem odor. If any odor remains, Dog Odor-Off has not reached the source. Repeat treatment.

Odor, recent.
Dog Odor-Off may be used directly from the bottle as above or put into a spray bottle and sprayed on the areas affected.

Rub area thoroughly with Dog Odor-Off soaked sponge or cloth. Blot with clean cloth. Let dry and vacuum. Although Dog Odor-Off is a quality stain remover, not all stains can be removed by a single agent.


Code: 16996
Product: Dog Odor-Off Carpet Deodorizer, 16 oz. Soaker
Price: $6.98

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