Anxitane S (L-Theanine) - 50 mg,  Chewable Tablets, 30 Count

Anxitane S (L-Theanine) - 50 mg, Chewable Tablets, 30 Count


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Product Description
50 mg of L-Theanine per tablet
Anxitane Tablets significantly reduce stress related reactions. As a nutraceutical, it is an attractive alternative to pharmaceuticals for first intention treatment. It is a safe choiceŚthere are no known side effects and does not cause drowsiness. There are no known interactions with other therapeutics.

Anxitane Tablets have excellent palatable which optimizes complianceŚclinical trials in the field showed a 94% acceptance rate in dogs and cats.

Anxitane® (L-Theanine) Chewable Tablets for dogs and cats promote relaxation in pets exhibiting nervousness, anxiety or responding to environmentally-induced stress. Anxitane Tablets are clinically proven to reduce clinical signs associated with fear and anxiety. Anxitane Tablets are Suntheanine®, a pure and neurologically active L-Theanine in a chewable form.

Anxitane Tablets are particularly useful for long-term use in anxious pets. Anxitane should be used for at least 60 days to ensure maximum results can be observed. If pet's condition worsens or does not improve, the pet should be re-evaluated by a veterinarian.

Situations where Anxitane Tablets could help:
•   Fear on walks, fear of people, fear of other animals
•   Anxiety or stress associated with change in family situation or environment.
•   Anxitane reduces anxiety and cohabitation problems in cats
•   Episodic fear (grooming, car travel, veterinary visits..)
•   Fear of noises (thunderstorms, fireworks....)
•   Decrease anxiety, making it easier for animals to learn
•   Helps keep pets calm and relaxed. Does not cause drowsiness (non-sedating).

Active Ingredients:
L-Theanine (Suntheanine®). Found naturally in green tea whose calming properties are well documented. L-Theanine increases GABA (inhibitory neurotransmitter) levels. GABA regulates neuronal excitation in the central nervous system (CNS).

Two Sizes for Easy Dosing:

Pet/size Product Administration
Cat Anxitane S 1/2 tablet twice daily
Dog less than 22 lbs (10kg) Anxitane S 1/2 tablet twice daily
Dog 22.1-55 lbs (10-25kg) Anxitane
M & L
1/2 tablet twice daily
Dog over 55.1 lbs (25kg) Anxitane
M & L
1 tablet twice daily

Minimum course of treatment 2 months. The majority of pets will respond by the second week.

There are no know interactions with other therapeutics. No known side effects. Has excellent palatability.

Code: 16943
Product: Anxitane S (L-Theanine) - 50 mg, Chewable Tablets, 30 Count
Price: $33.99


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Cindy M

I have an older dog who was constantly pacing. After a vet exam, I placed him on antitank one a day. There has been a remarkable improvement ! He is calmer and no more pacing!

We introduced a new cat, and she was stalking the old cat, so we gave this to NC on advice of vet, and will see what happens. Will update then. Great delivery, price.

I have an English Shepherd that I had always described as `emotional`. I heard about the benefits of L-theanine for anxious dogs and decided to try it on him. He has stopped panting so heavily, and is able to relax now. He looks relaxed instead of watching me tensely. I prefer the Anxitane instead of straight human L-theanine because I don`t have to worry about any additives that might hurt my dog.
Lisa E.

My chihuahua seems much happier and less anxious since starting this product about 3 weeks ago. I`m hoping that with time, we will see an even greater improvement. I received the product within 3 days of ordering, great price, and fast delivery! Thanks from Lisa and Riley!
Animal Rescue Foundation ,Beacon,NY

It was amazing what it did for our dog,,just what it claimed. Stress was gone... she became mellow !... with half a pill too !
Pat R

This product is working just as the Veterinary advised. My cat was licking and pulling her fur out on her stomache and legs, now she is more calm and the fur is growing back.
Christine M

This product definitely took the edge off for my extremely anxious dog. I accidentally ordered the small dog version, which helped a little bit, so i`m hoping to that the larger dog version will provide him with even more relief. I would definitely recommend it for pets with anxiety issues. He happily takes the pill right out of my hand each mo ing with no issue (he`s convinced it`s a treat).
Marie M.

Anxitane works wonders on my cat. We travel a lot and he has to adjust to new places every few months. Anxitane keeps him calm and relaxed. It`s also easy to give because it`s palatable so he doesn`t mind the daily medication.
M. Carter

This product does exactly what my vet said it should do. Helps calm without sedation. I did not want to medicate to the point of altering our pet`s great nature. Anxitane is fantastic for my dog!
IG Owner

Best price, fast delivery. Mariah is a very nervous pup and this product has helped a great deal. It was recommended my our vet.
Shih Tzu Lover

Excellent price, fast delivery on a product that really seems to be helping my dog (recommended by our vet) regulate his anxiety. He is less anxious with thunder and around other dogs.

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