Adams Plus Flea & Tick Carpet Spray, 16 oz

Adams Plus Flea & Tick Carpet Spray, 16 oz



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Adams Plus Flea & Tick Carpet Spray kills adult fleas in 10 minutes and kills flea eggs to prevent reinfestation. Also killed are ticks, cockroaches and ants on contact.

•   Use on Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery, drapes and other places where fleas may hide.
•   Protects for 7 months.
•   Treats 2000 sq ft.

Do Not Use on Humans or Pets. Shake well before using.
Identify treatment areas, especially those where pets frequent, such as in and around pet's sleeping and resting areas. Before treatment, a test application should be made to upholstery, drapery, light-colored, delicate fabrics or wood surfaces in an inconspicuous place. All food processing surfaces and utensils should be covered during treatment or thoroughly washed after product use. Exposed food should be covered or removed. Remove pets and cover & unplug aquariums before spraying. Remove motor vehicles before using in garages. For best results with Surface/Carpet treatments, vacuum thoroughly before spraying and discard vacuum bag in outside trash. This product may also be used for infested surfaces inside motor vehicles. For light flea/tick infestations, a single can treats 2000 sq ft.
For established flea/tick infestations and for continued control of fleas/ticks for up to 14 days, a single can treats 500 sq ft.
Hold container upside down 2-3 feet from surface, point actuator towards the surface and push button.

Using a sweeping motion, apply a light uniform spray to all surfaces of furniture, rugs, carpets, drapes, and around all pet resting areas. Avoid thoroughly wetting surfaces. Mist treated areas only until slightly damp. Do not over-treat. Reapply in 14 days if necessary.

(S)-Methoprene 0.085%, Permethrin 0.350%, Phenothrin .300%, N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide 2%, Piperonyl butoxide 1.4%, other ingredients 95.865%

Code: 16909
Product: Adams Plus Flea & Tick Carpet Spray, 16 oz
Price: $14.99

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