QuickDERM Wound Technology Ointment, 2 oz

QuickDERM Wound Technology Ointment, 2 oz



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QuickDERM Advanced Wound Ointment

VetCare QuickDERM For Dogs, Cats & Horses has a new, innovative technology for hard to heal wounds and burns in companion pets and horses. QuickDERM is a very non-caustic ointment that can address a variety of acute and chronic wounds. This Advanced Wound Ointment supports healthy epithelialization of wounds.

•   Burns
•   Open Abscesses
•   Hot Spots
•   Post Surgical Incisions
•   Lacerations
•   Decubital Ulcers (Bed Sores)
•   Moist Bacterial Dermatitis
•   Anal Sacs
•   Bacterial Pyoderma
•   Inhibits Proud Flesh

Over recent years, medical science has seen dramatic advances in new and innovative wound-care protocols. Once a matter of simple wet saline dressings, wounds can now be better managed by a number of new techniques, including a family of compounds known as proteases down-regulators. When these meatrixmetalloproteinases (MMP's) are over produced, the wound healing cascade becomes unbalanced.

In a typical open wound, new tissue is grown as old, necrotic tissue is removed and sloughed off by the body. This series of events is regulated by specific enzymes (proteases) which act to govern the rate at which new tissue is grown. Unfortunately, these proteases can become over-active and slow the healing in acute and chronic wounds. This is the case in such common wounds as decubitus sores, traumatic injuries, diabetic foot ulcers, and first degree wounds from burns. VetCare is transferring this patented blend of metal ions from the human market to the veterinary market. There is a direct correlation between humans and animals, as it relates to the overproduction of mmp's.

Instructions for Use:
•   Gently cleanse the wound using standard wound care practices
•   Apply ointment to affected areas
•   Re-apply daily when possible

Peg 400 & 4000, water, Benzoic Acid, Citric Acid and a patented blend of supportive ions.

For external use only. Discontinue use and consult your veterinarian if dermal (skin) irritation occurs.

Other Information:

•   Store at or below room temperature ( 25°C/ or 77°F)
•   Store out of direct sunlight and in a dry place
•   Do not use if open or compromised

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Product: QuickDERM Wound Technology Ointment, 2 oz
Price: $31.99


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Antonio de los Rios

QuickDERM is the best remedy I have found for my German Shepherd`s bruises -- he`s an energetic brute and often bruises his legs like a child.
Celeste Sigmund

This is a miracle ointment! I breed exotic pet Sugar Gliders, I found a raw open wound that was about the size of a nickle on one of my gliders necks one day (most likely from over grooming by mate). The edges of the wound appeared loose and the hair came off in small chunks! I applied this ointment recommended by another glider owner...within 3 days I could see the edges were healing and the skin was a nice fleshy color and not the ugly raw pink when I found it!!! I am a forever believer in this ointment and would recomend it to ANYONE who has a pet with a hard to heal open wound!

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