Liqui-Tinic 4X Vitamin & Iron Supplement For Dogs & Cats, 2 oz.

Liqui-Tinic 4X Vitamin & Iron Supplement For Dogs & Cats, 2 oz.



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PRN Liqui-Tinic 4X
is for oral use as a nutritional supplement supplying iron, B complex vitamins, liver, and amino acid. Recommended for large and small animals as well as exotic species and zoo animals.

Dosage & Administration:

•  Up to 3 lbs body weight, 1/2 mL two or three times daily.
•  Over 3 lbs body weight, 1 mL two or three times daily.
•  One teaspoonful (5 mL) per 20 lbs body weight, twice daily.

•  Foals, Not recommended.
•  Yearlings, 5 mL per 100 lbs bodyweight, twice daily.
•  Two Year Olds, One tablespoon (15 mL), twice daily.
•  Working Horses, One tablespoon (15 mL), twice daily.
•  Stallions and Brood Mares, One tablespoon (15 mL), twice daily.

Dose at 5 mL per 100 lbs body weight, twice daily.

•  Dose at 5 mL per 50 lbs body weight, twice daily.
•  Over 200 lbs body weight: dose at 5 mL per 100 lbs body weight, twice daily.

Each Ounce Contains:
•  Vitamin B 12 . . . 400 mcg.
•  Niacinamide . . . 80 mg.
•  Riboflavin . . . 8 mg.
•  Thiamine HCL . . . 32 mg.
•  Pyridoxine HCL . . . 16 mg.
•  d-Calcium Pantothenate . . . 48 mg.
•  Liver . . . 3 g.
•  Amino Acids (from Protein Hydrolysate) . . . 4.5 g.
•  Iron (from Ferrous Sulfate) . . . 48 mg.
•  Aromatic Syrup Base . . . q.s.

Active Ingredients:
Vitamin B12, Niacinamide, Riboflavin, Thiamine HC1, Pyridoxine HC1, d-Calcium Pantothenate, Liver, Amino Acids (from protein hydrolysate), Iron (from Ferrous Sulfate).

Code: 16351
Product: Liqui-Tinic 4X Vitamin & Iron Supplement For Dogs & Cats, 2 oz.
Price: $12.99

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I use liqui tinc for my cat who is anemic and it works wonderful and she likes it which is a huge plus

my cat has got lyme disease. he became very sleepy no energy couldn`t get up and drink or eat. withing 3 mins of giving them a dose he was up drinking a lot of water everytime. so it helped him get energy he needed to fight back and eat and drink. Thanks a lot for this.

We just adopted a cat who needs this and I was paying almost twice as much for it on another site. This is perfect! Thanks!

My cat had been losing weight and large clumps of fur steadily over a period of about 1-2 months. After a blood titer my vet told me that he was severely anemic among other things, and most likely had FIP. Needless to say I was devistated. I started giving my cat this product (straight from the dropper - he doesn`t mind) and within a week he began to gain some weight and his fur is growing back, and he definitely has more energy. I`m not saying that this is a cure for FIP (if my cat does indeed have FIP), but this is definitely helping him. THANK YOU!!
t. lupton

Great stuff! Makes my 18 year old anemic cat think she is a kitten again.

I am giving this to my 5-year-old shepherd. Over the summer he was bit by a tic and became extremely ill and anemic and we almost lost him. He was on 10 tablespoons a day for five days. He improved greatly and I decided to continue giving him this even after he improved. I have to chase him around to give it to him, but he takes his Liqui-Tinic without too much trouble. Since I have continued this he is running around like a puppy again. I have seen a huge difference in Duke since beginning this supplement.

I am giving this to my 16 year old 11 pound cat to treat anemia. Though the jury is still out on her anemia, this product appears to be helping at least some. I would also like to say that she seems to like the taste of this product much better than the Petco multivitamin I tried before this. I haven`t tried to give it to her straight, but she seems to lap it up no matter what I put it on or mix it with.

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