Angels' Eyes Tear Stain Supplement, 120 gm (4 oz), Beef Flavor

Angels' Eyes Tear Stain Supplement, 120 gm (4 oz), Beef Flavor


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The following alternative is recommended instead of the discontinued Angels Glow Line:
Vet Classics Tear Stain Supplement, 100 gram Powder

Angels' Eyes is the first product specifically developed for both dogs and cats to eliminate unsightly tear stains from the inside out. Other products are topical requiring high maintenance and yet will only remove the tear stains temporarily causing it to return worse than before. Angels' Eyes starts working before the tear stains begin and never adds food dyes or wheat which can have negative effects on your pet.

Size: 120 gm (4oz)

Just sprinkle Angels' Eyes daily on regular food. After 3 months, reduce it to 4 times a week. After 6 months, reduce it further to twice a week.
•   Puppies (up to 3 months): 1/8 tsp. daily
•   Dogs 8 to 12 lbs: 3/4 tsp. daily
•   Dogs 2 to 5 lbs: 1/4 tsp. daily
•   Dogs 12 lbs & up: 1 tsp. daily
•   Dogs 5 to 8 lbs: 1/2 tsp. daily Kittens (up to 3 months): 1/8 tsp. daily
•   Kittens 2 to 5 lbs: 1/4 tsp. daily
•   Cats 5 to 8 lbs: 1/2 tsp. daily
•   Cats 8 to 12 lbs: 3/4 tsp. daily
•   Cats 12 lbs & up: 1 tsp. daily

As you keep trimming the stained areas, the newly grown coat will be totally clear. The growth pattern of your pet's coat will determine if it will be completely tear stain free anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks.

Angels' Eyes is very palatable but in rare cases they may not like changes to their food and not eat enough. If this happens you can put Angels' Eyes in their water. When mixing, add the water to Angels' Eyes.

Do not pour the powder into the water.

Angels' Eyes is safe during pregnancy and for puppies over 6 weeks old. Ingredients: 100% pure beef liver, tylosin as tartrate

Many people wonder why some dogs and cats eyes water, which causes a stain on the fur just below their eyes. This condition is called epiphora. When the facial hair is wet from excess tearing it is the breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. Not only is it unsightly but may be very irritating to your pet. The staining may also emit a moderate to noticeably strong odor. Up until now these reddish brown stains due to tear pigments were hard to eliminate completely. Tear staining can be traced to health and diet, as well as genetics. Here are some helpful tips to improve your pets well being:

Keep your Pet Healthy: Have your pet checked at least twice a year by your veterinarian for ear infections and ear mites, gum infections, common yeast or bacterial infections of the eye (especially Red Yeast) and for clogged tear ducts.

Check your Petís Diet: Artificial food colorings (dyes), artificial food additives and preservatives, cereals such as wheat can cause allergies in cats and dogs. These allergies can cause tear stains. Also check for face rubbing, licking of front paws, head shaking, and ear inflammations these are other signs of allergies. Water minerals can also add to tear staining. Use bottled or filtered water in a stainless steel bowl.

Keep your Petís Eyes Clean: Hair in the eyes can cause infections and irritation. Eyelashes can grow at abnormal angles and rub on the eye. Check your petís eyes regularly. Also check for collected dust, stray hairs, and dried tears. Any foreign matter in the eye is likely to lead to tear stains.

Hygiene: Keep your petís eyes clean. Always wash your hands first before touching the area around their eyes. Wash your pet frequently. Always make sure you comb them first before washing to remove any knots or mattís. Keep the shampoo out of their eyes to avoid irritation.

Use ANGELS' EYEíS Daily: It is 100% safe for daily use and guaranteed to clear the tearing better than any other product on the market. For optimal results Angels' Eyes must be used DAILY, as specified in the directions. Once you have ensured your pet's overall health and comfort, use ANGELSí EYES to eliminate any remaining tear stains.

To insure that your dog will remain totally stain free, after 3 months, reduce ANGELS' EYES from daily to 4 times a week.

Q. What is Angels' Eyes?
A. Angels' Eyes is a product that eliminates unsightly tear stains.

Q. How does ANGELS' Eyes work?
A. Angelsí Eyes works to prevent tear staining by tying up circulating porphyrins. A porphyrin is a compound that reacts with light to produce a reddish brown stain to the medial canthus. The ingredients in Angels' Eyes will prevent your dog from contracting Ptyrosporin (Red Yeast) and bacterial infections which causes excess tearing and staining.

Q. What are the ingredients in Angels' Eyes?
A. Angels' Eyes is wheat and dye free, it's made of 100%Pure beef liver, tylosin as tartrate.

Q. What's the difference between ANGELS' Eyes and all the other products on the market?
A. All other products mask or have artificial food coloring, artificial food additives and preservatives, and cereals such as wheat causing the stains to reappear worse than before. ANGELS' Eyes does not require rubbing or any other difficult maintenance. With ANGELS' Eyes you will not need to use bleach, peroxide or any other product that may cause allergies and irritations.

Q. How long does it take to see the results?
A. Anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks. It depends on the growth of your dogís or catís coat. Continue to trim off the stained coat and the new coat will grow clear of stains. For optimal results ANGELS' Eyes must be used daily as directed.

Q. When do I reduce the dosage of Angels' Eyes from daily to 4 times a week?
A. After 3 months or when you see that your dog or catís coat is evenly bright, not just around the eyes.

Q. What are the hereditary factors that cause tear staining?
A. A dog or cat could inherit very small tear ducts or overly watery eyes, particularly as a response to various products. Definitely inherited are large eyes and short muzzles, which tend to allow more eye irritation and less drainage. There can be inherited or developmental structural defects that result in eye stains.

Q. What are the hygiene factors that cause tear staining?
A. Hygiene is an obvious factor in tear-staining. Matter in the eye tends to collect at the inner corner. If the petís eyes are exposed to dust, wind, grooming products, stray or ingrown hairs and other irritants, there will be more matter at the corners. This matter becomes an irritant and causes more tearing and therefore more staining.

Q. What are the health factors that cause tear staining?
A. Simple health concerns are often the major cause of excess tearing. Some of these are natural such as puppies or kittens cutting their first teeth, and again when they cut their permanent teeth. Dogs or cats of any age with teeth or gum problems are likely to have extra tear staining. Ear mites and ear infections, or any health problem - especially those in the head, neck, and chest areas - may also contribute to tear staining. Allergies to certain dyes or ingredients in food could cause excessive tearing. When the facial hair is wet from excess tearing it is the breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. One of the most common yeast infections is Ptyrosporin or Red Yeast which causes a deep reddish-brown stain. Low grade bacterial infections in the tear ducts are also common and may cause excess tearing and staining.

Q. Are there any possible side effects related to Angels' Eyes?
A. Angels' Eyes is very safe in dogs and cats. There are no reports of toxicity with long term use and Angels' Eyes is safe short term even if overdosed. Angels' Eyes contains a macrolide antibiotic which may cause falsely elevated values of AST and ALT when using colormetric assay.

Q. Do you have any toxicological research on Angels' Eyes?
A. Yes. Target Organ Effects: No effects identified in animal studies Reproduction: No effects identified in animal studies.

Q. How to store Angels' Eyes?
A. Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from moisture and heat.

Q. What do I do if my dog or cat will not eat enough of the regular food mixed with Angels' Eyes?
A. If this happens, you can put Angels' Eyes in their water, keeping the same daily dosages. But ALWAYS add the water to Angels' Eyes first. DO NOT pour Angels' Eyes into the water.


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Awesome product, we have been using for about 6 months, when you get rid of the staining completely I recommend cutting way back on dosage. We tried several different products and in my opinion it is the only one that works. Bentley my white bulldog had red stains on his face and around his mouth since he was 8 weeks and was completely stain free within about a month, now I only add once a week if that. I worry about the long term, am not sure exactly how it works but it is a medication and don`t like to medicate needlessly.

I`m totally sold on Angels` Eyes. I started using it when my litle Maltese & Shih Tsu cross was just a pup and the results were almost immediate! I still use it periodically and she hasn`t had any brown stains since, and she just tu ed 6.
bill and Mikey

We are so pleased! In just 2 weeks there is already a great difference. Oreo is a precious black and white shih tzu. Simply beautiful. Those reddish stains were awful.Thank you! Thank you!
Abbey's WV Family

Just started Angel Eyes 3 weeks ago and can `smell` the difference...
janet colt

has anyone had liver spotting on their dogs and discoloration of their hair?
Paco's Dad

This is a great product,that does exactly as it claims.No if`s ,ands or buts. Who could ask for more and at such an affordable price. Pet Truly & Angel Eyes ROCK
Vera Jean

Angel Eyes does work!! - We have used it for about 3 years for our 3 year old Maltese. I buy the large quanity which last for about 1 year. Although, the container was dented in severly. However, I was able to transfer the contents to my previous container. The product really does work!
Magic's Mom

What a terrific product. Saw results within 2 weeks on my white shih tzu. No more stains!

This product is doing a great job for my cocker. No more drippy eyes.
Dan Spinner

A great product! Our little Maltese had severe stains, and within 2 weeks, they are all cleared up.
sam alexander

Barbara Smith

I have 2 King Charles Cavaliers - my Ruby colored has had terrible staining. After 2 weeks I do see less drainage. Would like to write again after a month to give a 5 star - am very encouraged by the other reviews. Thanks
Two Dog Nite

I have two maltese. Bruno, the smaller one, had terrible tear stains until we used Angel Eyes. He really does not like the taste...but always eats his dinner anyway. We have been using it for over a year and have zero staining. I might mention that we bought two bottles at once, and we are not even through the second bottle in a year. You only use a little and it lasts quite a long time. Great product. Would highly recommend
Two Dog Nite

I have two maltese. Bruno, the smaller one, had terrible tear stains until we used Angel Eyes. He really does not like the taste...but always eats his dinner anyway. We have been using it for over a year and have zero staining. I might mention that we bought two bottles at once, and we are not even through the second bottle in a year. You only use a little and it lasts quite a long time. Great product. Would highly recommend
Jody Green

Awesome product. Pet stores recommend this product over store products. It works!!!

This stuff is awesome...I have tried many things to clear up the staining and nothing worked...But this stuff started to work in one month

The powder is easy to apply to the food. My dog does not dislike the taste. There are noticible lightening of the dark stains around her eyes within 1 month. It does work.


This stuff really works!

I love this product. I have been using angels eyes on my Morkiefor only three weeks and definetly see results.Thank You Thank you!!!
Kathy G

What a great product! My Westie, Riley, looks just great! His entire coat is looking whiter after a little over a week. You won`t be disappointed! No more tear stains- even on his muzzle.

Last fall a friend saw my dog and told me what the problem was. I ordered Angel`s Eyes and have used it ever since. I have a doll faced Maltese, and she looks great again.

I`ve used Angel Eyes for about a month and it appears to be working. Chip`s eyes are showing a lot of improvement, so I ordered another jar.
gordon helm

appears to be working

I can`t believe this amazing product - I didn`t think it was possible for my Shih-Tzu tear stains to disappear. He`s been taking it for 2 weeks and the tear stains are almost 100% gone. Thank you Angel Eye`s!
Chonda's Mom

What a difference, and in such a short period of time... Hallehuja!!!!

We love angel eyes, We have a white standard poodle,her eyes were really bad,She cleared up in a month She has been on the product for a year.
Christine Kelly

Excellent product. My white poodle does not have any tear stains. I love it. Please keep making it. I thank you and my poodle thanks you.

I love this product! My Westie had quite a problem with tearing abd ugly stains on her face...Angel Eyes completely cleared it up. I will always use it!

Works great, but I have a hard time getting my pet to eat his food with the powder in it. He doesn`t like fresh water, so putting it in his water would be more wasteful. But I do see results in his eyes not tearing so much and the stains are starting to go away.
Frank Gau

Angel eyes works on my poodles. When spread on their food, they no longer get brown markings from their tear ducts. That is why I use that product.

This product is the only works on tears stains. I tried a lot of products but they didn`t work. Finally, when somebody told me about Angel Eyes and tried the product, cut the old stained hair, within 3 weeks, all my maltese have a clear bright eyes and clear coat. This product work from the inside and not the outside like other products to cover up. I am continously using it for supplement. I am very satisfied with the product. Highly recommended to all dog lovers.

This product works great and worked a lot quicker than I thought it would. Within a week I saw a huge difference. It is well worth the price.
Margaret Hayward

I have had my Bijon, Shawn, on Angeleyes for over three weeks and I am encouraged by the improved results. His stains are fading and his face is becoming more bautiful each day. I believe within a three month period, the stains will be entirely gone. What an amazing product for a troublesome condition.
DiDi's mom

What a remarkable fix My Maltese mix has a beautiful white face again, No more stains in less than 6 weeks!

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