Vetoquinol Pro-Pectalin Tablets For Dogs & Cats, 250 Chewable Tablets

Vetoquinol Pro-Pectalin Tablets For Dogs & Cats, 250 Chewable Tablets



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Vetoquinol Pro-Pectalin For Dogs & Cats is formulated to help maintain a balanced microbial flora and promote intestinal health. Pro-Pectalin helps maintain proper gut pH, supports normal digestive function and aids in reducing occasional loose stools due to environmental stress or changes in diet.

Key Features:
•  Enterococcus faecium, which is part of the normal intestinal flora
•  Microencapsulation to help protect the bacteria against low pH stomach acids
•  Kaolin, which soothes irritated intestines and absorbs water and excess bacterial toxins
•  Pectin, which absorbs water and helps firm stool

Enterococcus faecium is thought to:
•  Displace pathogenic bacteria from intestinal attachment sites
•  Compete with pathogenic bacteria for nutrients
•  Product bacterocins, compounds thought to be directly toxic to pathogenic bacteria

Pro-Pectalin is intended to help resolve diarrhea that may be caused by stress, antibiotic administration, change in diet or other simple, non-life threatening forms of diarrhea. The combination of ingredients in Pro-Pectalin is designed to help stop your pet's diarrhea, soothe irritated intestines and restore the normal balance of intestinal bacteria. Kaolin, a type of clay, soothes irritated intestines, absorbs water, and absorbs any excess bacterial toxins which may be produced when your pet has diarrhea. By absorbing water, kaolin helps to firm stool. The soothing action of kaolin will help make your pet feel better. Pectin is a form of fiber found in fruit. It helps to absorb water and firm stool. The beneficial bacteria found in Pro-Pectalin are freeze dried, microencapsulated Enterococcus faecium, which is part of the normal intestinal flora. Microencapsulation helps the bacteria survive in the very acidic environment of the stomach and move into the intestines. Once in the intestines, the bacteria will help restore the population of normal bacteria an eliminate bad bacteria by competing with bad bacteria for space and nutrients. Eliminating bad bacteria and restoring the population of good bacteria will help to restore normal intestinal function and eliminate diarrhea.

Active Ingredients::
Kaolin, Pectin and Enterococcus faecium

Directions for Use:
Administer orally. Tablets may be given whole or crumbled and given at meal time. Give one tablet per 20 lbs of body weight every 8 hours.

Code: 16002
Product: Vetoquinol Pro-Pectalin Tablets For Dogs & Cats, 250 Chewable Tablets
Price: $58.99


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Hugo's Mama

My 5 moth old Great Dane has such a sensitive tummy. Pumpkin wasn`t helping and his multiple stool tests at the vet were all negative. These tablets helped him tremendously. He LOVES them too. I wonder why the sorbitol is an ingredient though. I thought that causes diarrhea.
Freda Ramirez

Love the product, love the price and love your service. Thank you.
Lisa T

This is a great product. Buy it monthly for our Great Dane that has a sensitive tummy. She loves them like they are treats and when she has an upset this product really helps set her straight. PetsTruly.com is an easy company to deal with and our order is always quick to arrive and correct.

Love this product - it is safe, fast and effective at relieving our dogs diarrhea during times of nervousness or stress.

Great product! Wouldn`t know what to do without it. Has really helped with the loose stools. Thx
Indy Rojas

The only thing I did notlike was that I had to buy too many.The product is excellent.D.J. is very happy me too.

I can`t find side effects on this drug. My dog Fluffy has been on this for 3 does now, and all he does is sleep. Is that normal? He`ll go out and do his thing, and then come back and sleep. Can anyone give me anything on this as to the side effects?
george dansereau

My dog Masten is a Komondor in his 14th year with a propensity to soft stoll as well and propectalin is the answer to deal with this problem very quicikly and efficiently. the cost is far less than my vet for this product. I have refommended your site to several owners of my breed as well.

This is a good product - my cat just needed help as her stomach gets upset easily. I gave it four stars just because it`s tricky to give to cats. Even at half a pill it has to be crumbled and added to food because the pills are enormous - and she only eats dry food. Giving it too her was tricky because changing her food - ie giving some wet food in order to give the crumbled up pill - actually upsets her stomach! I think the size and type of pill is just better suited for dogs. I`d like to see a cat sized version.

this is what my vet gave me for my rescue dog. he charged $2 per pill.
John Willier

My 2 greyhounds have frequent bouts of diarrhea. The vet prescribed Pro-Pectalin. Before they were using Immodium. This product is more natural. In fact, it is the best I have seen for diarrhea and loose stools.

My vet charged $28 dollars for 20 pills to put my Great Pyrenees back on track from a recent bout of diarrhea.....that`s outragoues! I`ll be buying them here from now on.
Laura shackford

People are quick to give flagyl at dog shows bit they don`t realiE I`d given they should give it foe the whole course of at least 10 to 14 days. They could cause more problems giving it just 3 days bc it`s an antibiotic. I would die without propectalin. it puts the natural bacteri needed in a dog`s gut that makes them super dogs growing to their full potential. My Akitas are awesome looking and o contribute it to the help of propectalin assimmulating all of their nutrition they receive from the food given to them instead of passing it right out I love the stuff!
Penny's Mom

My golden retriever, Penny, has a sensitive digestive system, and is prone to loose stool and frequent bouts of diarrhea. My vet prescribed Micronidazole, which works, but is a potent drug, which I prefer not to use frequently. He also sold me Propectalin as a `fallback`, which works every bit as well, without the side effects. After 2 to 3 days on Propectalin, Penny`s stools usually retu to normal. It`s wonderful to have the product on hand now whenever I see that telltale mucus in her stool, I`ll use it right away. I was thrilled to find your online source at such a good price. Order fulfillment was superb. Thank you.

Your price is waaaaaay better than what my vet was charging!
Sandy Wardle

Our dog Snoppy is a minature Yorkie and has a very sensitive stomach. Our first experience with Pro-pectain was through our vet. and it really helped her alot. We decided to add it to her daily diet because she loves the taste and first time do not have trouble getting her to take her medicine. She loves it and we love it because it works. The service we received from your company was great and we were so pleased at the speed in which we received the medicine. I would not hesitate to order from your site again. Thank you for adding to the quality of my snoppy`s life she is feeling so much better. Oh one more thing I wanted to add `what great prices`.

Our dog has a sensitive stomach and our vet recommended Pro-Pectalin to control the resulting soft stools. Pro-Pectalin is simple, natural and contains no hash drugs. Best of all, it`s both effective and inexpensive. When our dog isn`t feeling well, we offer the big chewable tablets as `treats` and he willing gobbles them down. Firms things up in no time!

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