Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel for Dogs and Cats, 30cc

Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel for Dogs and Cats, 30cc



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Contains Kaolin, Pectin and Microencapsulated Viable (live) naturally occurring microorganisms.

•  Pro-Pectalin's unique formulation features:
•  Enterococcus faecium, which is part of the normal intestinal flora
•  Microencapsulation to help protect the bacteria against low pH stomach acids
•  Kaolin, which soothes irritated intestines and absorbs water and excess bacterial toxins
•  Pectin, which absorbs water and helps firm stool

Enterococcus faecium is thought to:
•  Displace pathogenic bacteria from intestinal attachment sites
•  Compete with pathogenic bacteria for nutrients
•  Product bacterocins, compounds thought to be directly toxic to pathogenic bacteria

Pro-Pectalin is intended to help resolve diarrhea that may be caused by stress, antibiotic administration, change in diet or other simple, non-life threatening forms of diarrhea. the combination of ingredients in Pro-Pectalin is designed to help stop your pet's diarrhea, soothe irritated intestines and restore the normal balance of intestinal bacteria. Kaolin, a type of clay, soothes irritated intestines, absorbs water, and absorbs any excess bacterial toxins which may be produced when your pet has diarrhea. By absorbing water, kaolin helps to firm stool. The soothing action of kaolin will help make your pet feel better. Pectin is a form of fiber found in fruit. It helps to absorb water and firm stool. The beneficial bacteria found in Pro-Pectalin are freeze dried, microencapsulated Enterococcus faecium, which is part of the normal intestinal flora. Microencapsulation helps the bacteria survive in the very acidic environment of the stomach and move into the intestines. Once in the intestines, the bacteria will help restore the population of normal bacteria an eliminate bad bacteria by competing with bad bacteria for space and nutrients. Eliminating bad bacteria and restoring the population of good bacteria will help to restore normal intestinal function and eliminate diarrhea.

Guaranteed Analysis (per ml): Kaolin 0.6 g, Pectin 0.025 g, Direct-Fed Microbials 0.2 Billion CFU (Enterococcus faecium)

Directions for Use: Give Pro-Pectalin Gel orally every 8 hours, or as needed as diarrhea improves.

For Dogs:
< 10 lbs, 1 cc every 8 hours
11-30 lbs, 3 cc every 8 hours
30-60 lbs, 5 cc every 8 hours
> 60 lbs, 8 cc every 8 hours

For Cats:
1 cc every 8 hours

Storage: Store at controlled room temperature in a dry location.

Code: 16001
Product: Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel for Dogs and Cats, 30cc
Price: $16.99


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I was glad to find this product offered at a very reasonable price. I first used it when my vet prescribed it. I knew it worked well. I have 4 geriatric dogs and never know when one will get an intestinal flare-up. I am glad I can use this product first and then go to the vet if the problem doesn`t clear up quickly.

Finally a pet treatment that is easy to use. My cat doesn`t seem to be bothered by it in her food.

This product worked great for my cat tummy issues, and he loves the taste too!
Rosemary O

Great Product! Worked Quick and very inexpensive! I`m so glad I found the website. I`ll be ordering more stuff soon!
Kelly Weaver

This is the best medicine i have ever used for my dog its cheap and saves us a big mess!

I love this stuff, won`t ever travel without it!!! Works great, and the price is great too!!

Very happy with this product. Gets my IBD kitty right back on track in 1-2 doses.

The dog loves this, and the dispenser is great. So no hassle or mess when administering it. Effective after a dose or two. Better price than when purchased from vet, particularly when ordering more than 1 unit.

Great price! Didn`t know this product existed until I found this web-site. In my opinion, the prices can`t be matched especially when the products are authentic. My VET charges a LOT more for products found on this web-site.

Super price--Super ease of ordering--Super fast delivery. So glad I found this web-site.

Product works in 1-2 dosages

I have purchased this product in the past from my vet. PetsTruly.com price is GREAT, the shipping is FAST. Sooooooo glad I found this web-site.

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