Conquer Powder, 50 Servings

Conquer Powder, 50 Servings


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Conquer ® Powder for Horses

Kinetic Technologies introduces its patent-pending, clinically proven, sodium hyaluronate for oral administration to the horse. CONQUER is a highly concentrated, apple flavored powder administered in a single daily dose. It can be used in any horse where supplementation with sodium hyaluronate is indicated. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring glycosaminoglycan with its highest concentration found in soft connective tissue and joint fluid. It is extremely important in the health and lubrication of the joint. CONQUER is all natural, non-toxic and safe.

A clinically proven, apple flavored, sodium hyaluronate gel that helps keep joints healthy and flexible.
Recent clinical studies have shown oral HA to be effective. In a twenty-six horse double blind, placebo controlled study, CONQUER was found to improve every parameter used to measure soundness (below). All horses with pre-existing joint conditions improved while receiving CONQUER. Fewer horses supplemented with CONQUER were examined for lameness and trained an average of 5 more days during the two month study.
59 Day Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Study
Horses Given CONQUER
Average Days to Racetrack Average Days Hand Walked Examined for Lameness Radiographed
46 13 4 of 12 1 of 12
Horses Given Placebo
Average Days to Racetrack Average Days Hand Walked Examined for Lameness Radiographed
41 18 11 of 13 6 of 13

The CONQUER treated group had the highest level of serum HA. The CONQUER group was the only group to have a substantial increase in serum HA by Day 7 (18% over baseline)
Circulating HA has been shown to be 10 to 100 ng/ml with a half-life of two days or less. For this reason, it is important for HA to be supplemented on a daily basis. Benefits from CONQUER are usually observed in seven to fourteen days.
Recommended Dosage:
Equine Joint Therapy

The recommended dosage for CONQUER is 1 tablespoon (half ounce) (100 mg) daily per 1100 lb of body weight for 1-2 weeks. Upon desired effect a maintenance dose of 1 tablespoon (half ounce) can be used every other day.

Active ingredients:
Dextros, powdered sugar, corn starch and artificial apple flavoring.
Store at room temperature.

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Product: Conquer Powder, 50 Servings
Price: $136.99


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