UltiCare VetRx Insulin Syringe U-40 .5 cc, 29G X 1/2", 100/Box

UltiCare VetRx Insulin Syringe U-40 .5 cc, 29G X 1/2", 100/Box



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UltiCare VetRx Insulin Syringe U-40

Solutions for Pets With Diabetes:
Ulti Med, Inc. has developed the UltiCare U-40, a syringe that is specifically designed for U-40 insulin prescribed by veterinarians for pets.

About Pets and Diabetes
Diabetes in small animals (cats and dogs) is a growing animal health care concern. Lifestyles of pets generally mirror the lifestyles of their owners. America's urban leisure lifestyle (which is stated as a factor in the increasing incidence of diabetes in people) is most likely the leading cause of diabetes in pets.

Diabetes is a complex metabolic condition which results in the inability of the body to properly maintain and use carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It is a life long condition that requires education and awareness for proper treatment.

Factors leading to diabetes are:
•   Diets too rich in fats and carbohydrates
•   Obesity or general poor fitness
•   Less exercise
•   Increased age

Although no single factor is a cause by itself, a continuing combination of these factors is usually present when diabetes is diagnosed.

A contributing factor is the rise of better health care and increased treatment for pets. Historically, when animals became ill, they were often without the medical attention we enjoy as humans. Today, that has changed with many pet owners providing the same level of treatment and medical diagnostics we provide to our families.

Veterinary medicine is attacking this condition as aggressively in pets as their counterparts attack diabetes in humans. Diet changes and increased activity, followed with insulin injections (as a last resort) are the most likely measures taken. With small animals, however, it is very difficult to achieve the proper dosage with U-100 insulin, the insulin primarily used by people in the United States.

Many veterinarians are now prescribing Protamine & Porcine Zinc Insulin (PZI & Vetsulin) known as U-40. Though not a diluted form of insulin, U-40 is weaker, thus allowing for larger, more easily measurable doses for small animals.

Today, many people are treating their pets for diabetes using Protamine & Porcine Zinc Insulin (PZI & Vetsulin). Usually designated as "U-40 Insulin", U-40 differs from the standard U-100 Insulin that is prescribed for people with diabetes in the way that it is measured. The "U" refers to actual "units" of active insulin. "Units" are a standard measurement system for many drugs.

U-100 insulin has 100 units of active insulin in each milliliter (ml) of liquid.
U-40 insulin has 40 units of active insulin in each milliliter (ml) of liquid.

Most commercially available insulins are U-100 and the syringes available at most pharmacies are U-100 syringes. U-100 syringes are specially designed to provide the proper dose of U-100 insulin.

UltiCare U-40 syringes are designed to provide the proper dose of U-40 insulin. This means that measurements of one unit of the UltiCare U-40 syringe will give you precisely one unit of U-40 insulin. Using the UltiCare U-40 syringe means that you can fill the syringe in the normal manner and do not need to rely on any conversion tables.

Your veterinarian has prescribed the proper dosage of U-40 Insulin for your pet. UltiCare has provided the proper syringe to deliver that dosage.

Because U-40 is weaker, larger volumes are required giving the ability for more precise measurement of the medication. Because U-40 and U-100 are not equivalent in terms of dosage, a specialized U-40 syringe was developed by UltiMed and a leading pharmaceutical company. This syringe allows for more simplified and accurate dosing of U-40 medications, without complicated mathematical conversions, giving diabetic pet owners an ease-of-use and level of accuracy that had not been available until now.

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Product: UltiCare VetRx Insulin Syringe U-40 .5 cc, 29G X 1/2", 100/Box
Price: $22.99


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I recently purchased Ulti-Care syringes and found them to be easy to use and very affordable. I received the syringes in a reasonable amount of time. I had questions regarding the syringes and customer service took care of my questions promptly. Customer Service has some very nice people helping you out. I would certainly order from Petstruly again!!

I ordered Ulticare syringes for my diabetic cat. I have to say they are the same as the VetCare syringes. It is nice to know that I have options when it comes to syringes. Delivery was fast and the price is right. I will continue to order from this company and they have great customer service! The order was shipped and delivered very quickly. This is the second time I have ordered from this company and they give great customer service. Anyone looking to purchase syringes this is the go to company. The price is also right! Thank you!

Fast shipping. Good price. Will buy again.

Great price and fast shipping. I had the syringes in hand within the week. i will order more syringes and other supplies from petstruly in the future.
Kathy Bennett

I am very pleased with the insulin syringes that I ordered from you. They are the same as the ones I got from the vet, but at a much more affordable price. I got them in five days after ordering. Great service!
Robert Savage

Your products are always as advertized, unbelieveably swift delivery and properly priced.

Super company! Nice products!
Cassandra VanSyckle

Fantastic Price and Super Fast Shipping! Having 2 animals with diabetes we really appreciate the savings and being able to use PayPal is a definite plus!

First time ordering from this company. Excellent service.
Lynn Hankins

I was paying $39 dollars for 1 box of 100 U-40 syringes from my vet. I am able to purchase 200 syringes (2 boxes) for $48 from PetsTruly.com. That`s a great deal.
Kathryn Johnson

Great product for small insulin dosages, and an excellent price. Shipping was fast. Thank you!

This product is reasonably priced and shipment arrived within days.... great service and good quality syringes. I`ll be back........

Recieved quickly, and without the need of a prescription from the vet. Also, sent to an FPO address and that doesn`t always happen. I`m very happy with your product, service, and savings over what my Japanese vet charges for needles. I`ve given your information to the American vet on base to give to his patients.

I bought the reli(On syringes (for humans) at wall- mart box of 100 filled up the U-40 to the amount I was giving my dog then pulled the plunger out of the reli(On and put the water from the U40 in it and that give me the right amount.the U-40 syringes were costing me aroung $43.00 at the vet for 100 and now I pay $12.00 for 100 at was-mart


Pleasure doing business with..prompt, and exactly as advertised.

I wish you had not just the syringes but the insulin as well. Funny how you get the same insulin as humans but pay 3 times the amount for it or MORE! Your service is great!
Marlene Patton

The product arrived in a very timely manner, and was exactly as advertised. The price was very attractive and fast shipping. I would certainly recommend Petstruly to anyone needing diabetic supplies for thier pet.

Website was easy enough and had good enough photos allowing me to order exactly what I was looking for. Price and timely delivery were also a plus.

The product arrived in a very timely manner, and was exactly as advertised. The price was very attractive. I would certainly recommend Petstruly to anyone needing diabetic supplies for thier pet.
Pat McVey

Very accommodating.Gave me a phone call to answer a question I had asked online.Product was much cheaper than I could get from my local vet.I would suggest adding instructions and helpful hints on giving the shots. I found helpful advise on Vetsulin.com.Explain how important it is not to use the needles more than once.Saving a little money is not worth hurting your pet.Thanks for your good service!
kitty lover, Lakeland, TN

The quality of these syringes were the same as I purchased from the Vet; however, they were nearly 50% cheaper. Being able to purchase from you allows me to keep my diabetic cat as it costs less for wonderful quality.

I am very happy with the service of this company in regard to the product that I order.

Very fast shipping, the product is exactly as advertised, no qualms about extra paperwork. Great service.

The syringes were as advertised and a good value.

These syringes are so much cheapr than the ones i can purchase from My vet. Needles are very sharp

Excellent product and prompt delivery

Great seller and product. They shipped the product very promptly and it was packaged very well.
gayle harlow

The service has been excellent - I would recommend highly.

I have been use the UtiCare Syringe for 9 years and this product are vary easy to open and read the number and also, cost is very reasonable. I love it.

I have been giving my dogs shots for years and this is the best syringe I have used. I used to buy them from the vet and he quit getting them and sold me a box and it felt like I was hurting them when the needle went into the skin so I did my research to find these needles again and are also cheaper that the cheap ones at the vet. I like saving money!

Exactly what I`ve been getting from the Vet but sooo much more reasonable. I have a diabetic dog and this disease is very costly, so I am so appreciative of this web site. I received the syringes in a timely manner. Absolutely will continue to order from this site.
Deb Conner

I have two cats that are diabetic, and I have been purchasing boxes of U-40 insulin syringes from Petstruly for at least four years now. Having thoroughly done my `homework` in advance of any purchase of diabetic supplies, I can tell you that the Ulticare U-40 syringes are the best on the market. And, I really appreciate being able to use PayPal on Petstruly`s website to pay for my purchase! The entire experience of dealing with Petstruly is refreshingly positive, and I will continue to make them my only source for these quality insulin syringes. Thank you, Petstruly!
Linda Keller

Your service and prices were the best. I didn`t have any problem with the website, very easy to use. I received my order in great shape and very quick. The syringes are the best I have found on the market. Numbers are very easy to read. I am so glad I found this website. Your product makes it very easy to give my dog his insulin, little to no pain. Thank you for making a bad situation a little easier.

Your prices and service are excellent.
John Greene

Your service and prices are the best I have seen! I agree with your other clients who have commented...the cost is almost 1/2 of the vet cost and using 2 of these syringes daily can certainly rack up the costs. I also appreciate the speed of which my order was received. At this point..count me in as a loyal customer! Thanks!
John Greene

Your service and prices are the best I have seen! I agree with your other clients who have commented...the cost is almost 1/2 of the vet cost and using 2 of these syringes daily can certainly rack up the costs. I also appreciate the speed of which my order was received. At this point..count me in as a loyal customer! Thanks!

The UltiCare 29 guage needles are so fine that they are a breeze to administer the dose with little to no pain for my 13 yr.old cat. I give him a few treats at the same time and it`s over before he knows it happened. It`s the best product I have found to give a shot of insulin! Prices are wonderful too!
Sue Gadacz

I have always had a great experience with PetsTruly. The product is great, secure checkout with PayPal, and fast shipping.
Jim D.

I began buying these syringes from another online company, but soon discovered these WITHOUT the large plastic container that dispenses them, an unnecessary waste of resources, and more money! So, by buying these, I am cutting my costs and saving (plastic/oil) resources, and I don`t have the bulk of disposing the large container. There are no children in our household to worry about the danger of spent needles. These work great for us!
Eileen Schendel

I appreciate the security of your website and that I can use PayPal. My order was received by me in a timely manner. The cost is reasonable.

These syringes are the exact same ones that I get from my vet, but at almost half the price ^_^ Dealing with a diabetic cat is very expensive so any time you can save money it makes life a lil easier -_^
pat ross

I like the syringe very much ,the packing is nice an easy to open. The number are easy to read.

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