OraVet Plaque Prevention Gel, 8 Pack

OraVet Plaque Prevention Gel, 8 Pack


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Contains 8 x 2.5 ml treatments and 8 disposable applicators

Adult dogs have 42 teeth and cats have 30 teeth. Your pet is depending on you and your veterinarian to keep these teeth and your pet healthy.
Untreated gum disease—gingivitis (bleeding gums) and periodontitis—is the single greatest cause of health problems in dogs and cats. It is one factor (the other is diet) that you can control which can significantly effect the quality and length of your pet's life.

WHAT HAPPENS? Soft, sticky plaque - mostly bacteria - forms on our teeth every day. It forms on the teeth of dogs and cats as well. When not removed by regular, frequent brushing the plaque hardens into calculus. Calculus cannot be removed by brushing.

Your pet, at any age, needs to have a periodic dental checkup by your veterinarian. Most pets need preventive or therapeutic care if they are more than two years old. The smaller the size of your pet the younger your pet will probably need dental treatment and the more important preventive dentistry becomes to keep your pet healthy.

Gingivitis, the early, reversible phase of gum disease, is more successfully treated than periodontitis. Perio. is an irreversible but often controllable form of gum disease. In perio. there is loss of soft connective tissue and, often, bone loss which leads to edentulation—loss of teeth.

Both words refer to a professional examination and cleaning of the teeth: removal of plaque and calculus, the source of gum disease. In other words, it is similar to the procedure that your dentist or hygienist follows for your own teeth when you have them cleaned.
First the teeth are evaluated and a probe is used to locate any perio. in the sulcuses (pockets between teeth and gums) and calculus under the gumline, where it cannot be seen. In addition to causing bacterial infections and high risk of major diseases, hidden calculus and the bacterial plaque on it, if not removed, will continue to destroy the soft tissues that hold the tooth in place. In a prophy the calculus is removed from the crowns of the teeth and their roots with special instruments.
Next the teeth are usually polished and then dried and re-examined for any calculus that may remain. Very loose or fractured teeth should be extracted.

Finally your veterinarian or dental technician will apply OraVet, an inert barrier to which bacteria cannot attach. OraVet will help your pet's teeth stay free of plaque.
Your veterinarian will also guide you in applying OraVet, which usually takes very little time. You will actually do it yourself in the clinic. Then you or a family member will apply the Home Care product weekly to maintain the OraVet barrier and prevent or greatly reduce the formation of plaque and the development of gum disease.
You need to have OraVet Professional applied by your veterinary professional as a foundation because the Home Care product, although it is very quick and easy to apply, is not sufficiently sturdy or durable to be used as a stand-alone barrier.

How OraVet Keeps Teeth Clean
Electrostatic Attraction
The unique aspect of OraVet patented technology is that it adheres a hydrophobic barrier-a waxy material-to teeth, even wet teeth, forming an invisible protective barrier or shield-thinner than a human hair-that remains protectively in place until it is mechanically removed.
Teeth are electrostatically negative, that is, they carry a negative charge. The OvaVet technology uses materials with molecules that are positively charged at one end—and thereby attach to teeth—but compatible with waxes at the other end.
These molecules act like millions of little magnets that hold the hydrophobic material to the teeth forming a thin, invisible, protective barrier so that bacteria cannot gain access or attach to teeth. And, if bacteria cannot colonize on the teeth, gum disease cannot develop (excepting, possibly, some oral diseases of uncertain etiology that occur in cats).
OraVet does not chemically react with the tooth. In fact it has no 'active ingredient', no drug or antibiotic effects. OraVet is a passive, inert barrier to which bacteria cannot attach.

The Benefits of OraVet
Protects sensitive gums: The most immediate benefit you may notice following a prophy is the protection OraVet provides to tender gum tissues. Following a prophy gums are irritated and more vulnerable to bacterial invasion. OraVet adheres to gums as they heal. It is a protective barrier. Some humans report that OraVet protects them against sensitivity. It may be that OraVet occludes dentinal tubules and thus guards nerve cells against irritants, so that animals experience less discomfort. Veterinarians are reporting that OraVet's protection allows the resumption of normal eating habits more quickly.
Prevents colonization of bacteria, and thereby heads-off the first step in the formation of plaque and its many consequences.
Provides a sloughing surface by which food debris and other materials are removed from the outer layers of the waxy OraVet Barrier-Sealant. Weekly application of OraVet Home Care Replenisher replaces the layers of OraVet worn away by mechanical action.
Reduces demineralization as shown in studies in which OraVet was highly effective in limiting the movement of chemical substances through the OraVet barrier. See the graph and explanation under.

How to Apply OraVet
OraVet can be applied in any convenient way in which it can be brought into contact with the teeth, especially at the gumline. It is not necessary to rub it in vigorously since OraVet has its own attachment mechanism: electrostatic attraction, so that OraVet will adhere to teeth, even wet teeth, as if there were millions of little molecule-sized magnets, because there are.
Applying OraVet could hardly be easier. You don't even have to open your pet's mouth. In fact you can hold the mouth closed with one hand, put some OraVet Home Care on the swab provided, or on a very soft-bristled brush, or on your finger, and wipe it along the gumlines and up onto the gums. The idea is to get it onto the teeth and into the sulcuses-the natural pockets between the teeth and the gums. Once you've done it—guided by your veterinarian or dental technician-you'll realize how quick and easy it is to apply OraVet. After a the first try or two it takes less than a minute; but makes a very big difference. Most people build it into their schedules and, for example, apply OraVet after breakfast on Sunday mornings.

DO NOT apply anything to your pet's teeth before applying OraVet. If you wish to brush the teeth do so with a clean brush and water only. Then apply OraVet. If your pet's teeth are coated with thick saliva or mucus, saturate the corner of a terry cloth towel or paper towel in water and wipe along the gumline before applying OraVet. If you want to use any other material or home care, including pet-specific toothpaste, do so AFTER applying OraVet.
With the onset and advance of gum disease the sulcuses-the pockets between teeth and gums-become deeper and inflamed so that they bleed easily, exposing the pet to the chronic challenge of infection (see For Pet Owners for more information). That is why it is important to have your pet's teeth examined professionally prior to application of OraVet so that, if it is needed, a professional cleaning-a "prophy" or "dental"-can be performed to remove plaque and calculus and clean the sulcuses prior to applying OraVet.

Excess OraVet is soon removed by the normal actions of the mouth during eating and chewing, leaving a thin, invisible protective barrier remaining

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Product: OraVet Plaque Prevention Gel, 8 Pack
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I have two older dogs, one from 6 weeks old to 12 and the other was full grown when i adopted her. I always thought that giving them hard biscuits would help keep their teeth clean. in fact my vet said my dauschund the 12 year old had great teeth. Little did we know he had a near invisible crack in a back tooth until i noticed a lump under his eye. it was a tooth abcess. And my peke w ho i adopted had to many teeth for her mouth with barely any roots holding them in. I was instructed to use this great oravet which is simple to use, the dogs hate medicine of any kind but they don`t mind me putting the gel on with my finger and I don`t mind the lack of bad breath!
Pat Harper

My cat Casey has not required addituonal dental cleaning for the five or more years we have used oravet.

One of my dogs has CUPS disease, which is a severe allergy to plaque on her teeth. This disease presented as ulcers on her tongue, lips and gums along with severe drooling and putrid breath odor. Our local vet couldn`t figure it out so we went to a veterinary dentist who diagnosed it and recommended treatment. If we couldn`t keep the plaque from forming, she would have to have her teeth pulled. Weekly Oravet application was part of her treatment. It has been 7 months since she was diagnosed and with daily brushing, weekly Oravet and twice daily application of C.E.T. Chlorhexadine Rinse she is still doing well. I plan to continue using weekly applications of Oravet for the life of my pet.
Linda Becker

I have noticed an improvement in their teeth and have not had to have their teeth cleaned as often.

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