Terumo Needles 20G x 1" [Regular Wall], 100/Box

Terumo Needles 20G x 1" [Regular Wall], 100/Box


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Hypodermic Sur-Vet Needles Designed For The Veterinary Market

Featuring a translucent hub and regular bevel, Terumo needles are known worldwide for extreme sharpness. They are ground and honed with a unique double-bevel design to provide a comfortable injection. Thin wall needles provide more comfort with an increased flow. Regular wall needles are less likely to bend.

Sterile, single use hypodermic needles. Silicone coated for easy penetration. Terumo needles are a favorite to use for subcutaneous fluid administration. Latex free.

To assure a tight fit, push and twist the needle clockwise onto the syringe tip.

To avoid needle damage, remove the needle cover by pulling straight off. Do no twist when removing.

Use once and discard in accordance with local safety standards. Do not store at extreme temperatures and humidity.

Packaging: 100 per box. Regular wall needles.

Code: 12872
Product: Terumo Needles 20G x 1" [Regular Wall], 100/Box
Price: $9.99

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After 20 years of caring for foster and my own cats, at last a needle they deserve! They slide in like butter. Note to all: hang the bag as high as possible for a fast flow whatever size needle. Very good company and quick delivery. Pleased to recommend. Thank you

My cat was resisting using the same type of small gauge needles that I got from my vet recently. I have been giving her fluids for the last 3 months and she just recently started to hate getting the fluid injections to alleviate her dehydration from her kidney failure. She finally took to these however, even though they seem to be the same gauge as the vet brand. Would order again.
CK Florida

This helped so much to alleviate discomfort with our 20-year-old kitty who has kidney issues and needs SubQ fluids every few days. It`s amazing what a new needle does. Now we only use them a couple times and get a new one. She fussed before and is much better now. These are great and shipped very fast. Thx!

I thought that it would go slower than than the larger needles from the vet but it feels like the fluid flows more smoothly and quickly.

My vet gave me a larger gauge that hurts my cat when going in his skin. My cat does not even flinch when I give him his subcutaneous fluids. These are great. Everyone should use 20 gauge, it takes a little longer but your pet will love you for it.

Great quality needle. Much easier to use and cheaper than I was getting from the vet.

My cat has been receiving subcutaneous fluids for a year.As his skin has toughen, the monoject needles needed additional force to penetrate. These needles are vastly superior;easy, nearly painless insertion.Shipping was amazingly fast too.

I bought these to give subcutaneous fluids for my cat. They are wonderful needles, very sharp and the fluids flow rapidly. Also petstruly shipped them incredibly fast, I couldn`t believe how quick I got them!

Terumo needles are excellent. I use this brand for insulin and subcutaneous fluids. My cats don`t mind the entry in the skin.

I would not use ANY other needle for subcutaneous fluids for my cat. He has had CRF for 6 years and he is 20. They are the sharpest!

We have found Terumo needles to be top-quality. Our first experience with Terumo was insulin syringes we used for our diabetic dog. These needles seem to induce the least pain upon entry through the skin. We find the same with the thin-wall needles that Terumo makes for administering subcutaneous fluids. We are using them for our kidney-compromised cat.

These needles caused my cat much less distress than the Monoject needles supplied by my Vet.

I discovered these needles through another website reference and have found them to be much easier to use with my cat. They truly make the whole procedure less invasive and much more tolerable for the both of us.

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