Oral Cleansing Gel by MaxiGuard, 4 oz.

Oral Cleansing Gel by MaxiGuard, 4 oz.


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Maxi/Guard® may be applied directly from the bottle applicator tip. Some pets, especially cats, may require, finger brushing or swab application. Choose the method that makes it easiest for you and your pet to engage in a regular and pleasant program of oral cleansing.

Prevention and Maintenance:
You can virtually assure yourself of your pet's good oral health if you will follow these suggestions: regular checkups and scalings (removal of plaque and calculus) by the family's veterinarian; periodic checks of the pet's mouth for bad breath and discolored, inflamed gums; a diet which generally avoids sweet or soft, sticky foods; and daily use of an oral cleansing compound such as Maxi/Guard®.

Maxi/Guard® Oral Cleansing Gel is the solution to pet acceptance problems. Maxi/Guard® Gel is veterinary dentistry's only alcohol free, chlorhexidine free and taste free home dental care product that works with or without brushing. Over eight years of pet-owner approval. Very Safe!!

Instructions for Mixing and Using Maxi/Guard Oral Cleansing Gel:
Maxi/Guard® It's important to wait until the ascorbic acid globule settles to the bottom of the bottle before you shake it into solution. This procedure will avoid clogging the bottle's applicator tip. One drop placed on your index finger and applied to the gum area above the outside back molars on each side of the mouth will give optimum pet acceptance in adult cats. Use slightly more for small dogs. Many medium to large dogs will accept direct application. This is a very concentrated product and using too much may cause hyper-salivation and poor pet acceptance.

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Product: Oral Cleansing Gel by MaxiGuard, 4 oz.
Price: $9.99

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I have been using the Oral Cleansing Gel for about to years now and find that is is a good maintenance application to prevent plaque build-up on my dog`s teeth. My dog tolerates it very well, and, along with the weekly teeth brushing that I do, the product helps to keep my dog`s teeth looking like they did when his permanent teeth first came in. I would recommend the MaxiGuard Oral Cleansing Gel to anyone who really cares about their pet`s dental health maintenance. Thank you

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