Equi-Block Leg Tightener & Liniment 16 oz.

Equi-Block Leg Tightener & Liniment 16 oz.



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The Veterinary Liniment of Champions and part three of our Pain Reduction Program. Super Strength Equi-Tite Liniment is a "feel good rub" that works as an anti-inflammatory and leg tightener, both of which are crucial for the performance horse. Maintaining normal fluid levels around the joints and creating tight tendons and ligaments will not only improve your horse's movement but also significantly reduce the risk of injury.

The high concentration of Menthol makes Super Strength Equi-Tite Liniment unique. Equi-Tite quickly cools the muscle groups and tendons providing immediate comfort after strenuous activity. Menthol works by dilating the blood vessels that feed the joints. This widening of the blood vessels allows enhanced blood flow throughout the legs, thereby reducing swelling caused by over-exertion or injury. Increasing the blood flow not only cools but also helps feed oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

Equi-Tite also contains Capsaicin in order to help knock out the pain, although a lesser amount than Racehorse Strength Equi-Block and Equi-Block DT Formula. Equi-Tite helps maintain the depletion of Substance P. This works absolute wonders on strained ligaments and tendons. Unlike other leg tighteners, which can involve messy and time-consuming application and removal procedures, Equi-Tite is quick and easy! Just rub the liniment into the desired area. There is no clean up! Bandaging is optional. Horses love it as a Liniment because it medicates and cools.

Super Strength Equi-Tite Liniment is indicated for the relief of minor aches and pains due to over-exertion, injury, arthritis, simple backache, sprains and strains of ligaments and tendons, curb and splint pain in horses.

DIRECTIONS Shake well before using. If there are no leg problems and Super Strength Equi-Tite is just being used as an every day leg brace, apply only a small amount to the leg and then rub in thoroughly. For legs that are more swollen, puffy or "filled" apply more liberally as needed to decrease swelling (note: the more swelling, the more Tite should be used). Wrap with cotton bandages if desired.

Equi-Tite will tighten legs without bandages, but for best results, legs should be bandaged. For even quicker, "overnight" leg tightening results, apply with a "sweat" or "plastic wrap". Apply to affected area not more than twice daily. Wash hands thoroughly after each application or use gloves to apply. Do not apply to open wounds, cuts or abrasions.

When used 1 to 2 hours before a race or performance, Super Strength Equi-Tite Liniment dilates the blood vessels to create that increased circulation needed. We all know that FLOW MAKES IT GO! Cover your horse's neck, shoulders, withers, back, hip, whirl bones and stifle. If your animal has been experiencing minor hock or curb problems, use Racehorse Strength Equi-Block in that area when performing or racing.

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Product: Equi-Block Leg Tightener & Liniment 16 oz.
Price: $18.99


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Bob Orlando

I have a horrible back. Degenerated disks result in constant pain (muscles constantly contracted because of irritated and often pinched nerves). A friend recommended Equi-Block Leg Tightner & Liniment, and was he ever right. We apply it to my neck and back every mo ing and it gets me much more comfortably through my day. Great product!

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