Marin For Cats, 60 Sprinkle Capsules

Marin For Cats, 60 Sprinkle Capsules

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Liver Health Supplement

Nutramax Marin provides support for the liver with silybin, the most active component of milk thistle in a more bioavailable form, and vitamin E. Silybin is the most biologically active component of an extract known as silymarin. Silymarin/silypin has been shown to have beneficial effects on liver function. Vitamin E, a membrane-associated antioxidant, helps protect the liver against oxidant injury.

Silybin/silymarin has many different mechanisms of action. It protects against oxidative stress; promotes protein synthesis within hepatocytes, a mechanism for liver cell regeneration; inhibits leukotriene production, which can be beneficial as production of leukotrienes is a component of the inflammatory response; stimulates biliary flow and production of hepatoprotective bile salts (e.g. beta-muricholate and ursodexycholate) and increases levels of glutathione.

Vitamin E, a memberate-associated antioxidant, benefits liver function because oxidant damage to hepatocytes can affect liver health. Vitamin E has been shown to reduce the oxidative damage to the hepatocyte mitochondrial membranes caused by hydrophobic bile salts (these bile salts build up in the liver when bile flow is impaired) Vitamin E use has been reported in cats for its antioxidant role that also help to support hepatic health.

Marin, Denosyl and Denamarin support the liver through differing actions and may be used individually or in combination depending on your pet's needs. Your veterinarian can advise you on the best way to support your cat's liver.

•  Liver support in a convenient tablet
•  The silybin in Marin is in a phosphatidylcholine complex to increase bioavailability
•  Recommended for use with Denosyl or Denamarin

Administration: Marin for Cats Tablets:
Marin For Cats is available as tablets that may be given orally or crumbled over the food. Recommended administration amounts are provided below.

Marin For Cats Daily Administration Guide:
Up to 14 lbs . . . 1 Capsule
Over 14 lbs . . . 2 Capsules

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Keep lid tightly secured to ensure freshness. Keep bottle out of the reach of children.

Active Ingredients per Tablet:
Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopheryl acetate) . . . 50 IU
Silybin A+B . . . 9 mg

Code: 13910
Product: Marin For Cats, 60 Sprinkle Capsules
Price: $18.99


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